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Bimini & Options

  • Zipper frame pockets

  • Zip on/off windshield panels

  • "U" zipper windows

  • Sail view windows

  • "Glass" covers

  • Full enclosures

  • H2ube frame option available

  • All fasteners & edges vinyl reinforced

  • Special Panels-Screen/Shade Panels


Special Covers

  • Cockpit combing covers

  • Winch covers

  • Handrail covers
  • Travel covers
  • Anything that needs protective covers

Sail Cover

  • Tight fitting mast collar

  • Chafe patches protect cover from winches, cleats, fittings

  • Protected zipper along front of mast



  • Zipper frame pockets

  • Chafe patches with an eye to long use

  • Zippered center window

  • "Glass" cover

  • H2ube frame option available

  • All fasteners & edges vinyl reinforced


Console Curtains

  • "U" zipper windows

  • Chafe patches between glass and frame protect vinyl from "burning"

  • All fasteners & edges vinyl reinforced



Sunbrella and the Sunbrella line of fabrics by Glenn Raven are our first choice in materials when it comes to canvas.  Glenn Raven makes a very large selection of solid colors and patterns.  Follow this link to view all the choices available from Sunbrella.


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